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Weekly Message

Weekly Message for 29 November 2023 (7 points of information)

1.     Dress for 29 November 2023:
  • Levels 1, 2 and 5: C3 Routine Winter Dress
  • Levels 3 and 4, and Sports Staff: Squadron Red T-Shirt and Appropriate Sports Clothing
2.     Weekly Routine Orders for 29 November 2023 are posted under the Files Section below. 

3.     IMPORTANT MESSAGE for cadets with outstanding Medical Forms: Cadets who have been issued medical health forms (Detailed Health Questionnaire, Food Sensitivity Consent Form, Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan Form and/or Anaphylaxis Risk Consent Form) are to ensure they submit these completed documents to Lt Erdelyi no later than this Wednesday 29 November 2023. Failure to submit the complete document(s) will jeopardize your involvement with the cadet program.
4.     Flight 4 it’s your turn to start your ovens! On 29 November 2023, Flight 4 will present their finest nut-free, individually wrapped baked goods for sale to the Squadron during Canteen. These will be the only snacks available for purchase at Canteen and you all know how much food is on the table at the start of Canteen - please bake generously! The SSC will provide beverages for sale.  

5.     Effective immediately, Father Leo J. Austin C.S.S. (Whitby) has recently changed the southeast driveway from a two-way driveway to a one-way exit only. The southeast driveway (closest to Anderson) is now a one-way exit only. The northeast driveway (closer to Fallingbrook) remains a two-way entry/exit.
  • Parents/Cadets/Staff are now to use the driveway on the northeast side of the school when arriving at the school.
  • Please review the GC Notify message that was recently sent to parents and cadets of 2 VandenBos Whitby Air Cadet Squadron with regards to parking before letting your child(ren) out/into your vehicle. Safety of all members of our Squadron is our number one concern.
6.      Cadets start preparing for your Fitness Assessments:
  • Levels 3 and 4 will be assessed this Wednesday 29 November 2023; and
  • Levels 1 and 2 will be assessed on 6 December 2023.
  •  Video explanations of each exercise may be found on our website under Dept / Teams Pages -> Teams -> Sports – past the Files section to the 4 video panels. 
7.     Require replacement uniform parts? First – update your measurements under the Supply Request button -> Update Measurements and save your entries. Second – Click on the New Supply Request button and select items you have outgrown. The Supply Staff will notify you when your requested uniform parts are available for pick-up.
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Message from our Squadron's Sponsoring Committee Chair

Did you know that the majority of adults in our program all have full-time jobs? It’s true!

We do this as it is a passion, or we do this as our duty to serve – to foster the spirit of leadership and responsibility in each of your children – voluntarily!! Only the Officers are paid (by the Department of National Defense), but they max out their allotment of yearly paid time within a month of working with our very engaging program – the majority of their time is spent with us voluntarily and is invaluable to the day-to-day operation of our unit.

As a 200-Strong Cadet Squadron whose expenses are high - $500 each week lets us rent the school spaces we require! In addition to school space we provide the Squadron with several experiential learning activities, training aids, transportation, meals and activities. We depend on Parental support to continue to offer our program free of charge to all Cadets.

1.   If you have the means to make a monetary donation, tax receipts are offered for each donation over $20. Donations can be made on our website via our “Donate Now” button on the homepage or you can me email at sscchair@2vandenbos.org to discuss

2.   If you or someone you know would like to make a corporate sponsorship, I can be reached by email at sscchair@2vandenbos.org

3.   If you would like to support the Squadron by donating your time – that is precious to us! Do you have cadet or military background? Are you good with numbers and writing grants? Are you interested in supporting the fun activities and fundraisers we run? Please see me on a Parade Night or send me and email at sscchair@2vandenbos.org


Bravo Zulu to Our Biathlon Team!

Eight 2 VandenBos Whitby Air Cadet Squadron competed at the South-Eastern Ontario Biathlon Run and Shoot Competition in Trenton on 21 October 2023.
Here are the results:
Junior Females
Rct Ferguson and Rct Prabhukrishnan Sridevi – Third Place 3Km Team Sprint
Junior Males
FCpl John and Cpl Purdy – First Place 3Km Team Sprint
Cpl Purdy – Second Place Cadet Male Junior
Open Females
Cpl Naik and Sgt Marcelino – Fourth Place 3Km Team Sprint
Open Males
Sgt Bedford-Smith and FSgt Smith – First Place 3Km Team Sprint
FSgt Smith – First Place Cadet Male Youth
Many of the above listed cadets have advance to the Provincial Biathlon Run and Shoot Competition. Congratulations to our cadets and good luck at the next phase of the competition!

Cyber Awareness

How well do you know Cyber Security?

1.            We are thrilled to announce the launch of the CJCR Cyber Challenge, a limited trial initiative aimed at harnessing the potential of our cadets in the realm of cyber readiness.

2.            The CJCR Cyber Challenge will introduce Cadets in the field of cybersecurity. It will highlight the growing demand for cybersecurity and the positive impact they can have in helping secure digital environments. The challenge will be virtual and is designed to empower cadets and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the complex digital landscape. The sense of empowerment and digital confidence the cadets will experience is important; education is the cornerstone of empowerment in the realm of cybersecurity. The challenge offers hands-on learning experiences, allowing cadets to practically apply cybersecurity principles.

3.            To aid in the successful rollout of this challenge, a suite of tools has been developed to support regional and local engagement. The tools include:

a.         CJCR Cyber Challenge Information Hub -  https://sway.office.com/NARBu3YaU3vxIHCg; and.

b.         Found within the hub are:

(1)       Cyber Challenge Promotional Poster (attached),

(2)       Cyber Challenge Questions and Answers,

(3)       Cyber Challenge Expression of Interest - Participation Form, and

(4)       The link above for sharing and/or posting on Sharepoint and Teams environments.

4.            Stay tuned for updates! We will be highlighting the exhilarating experiences and intense competitions from the trial and inviting everyone to rally behind our competing teams this year!

Upcoming Dress Regulation changes

Updates to the Cadet Dress Regulations are pending. In that regard, CANCDTGEN 011/22 speaks to the cadet portion of Dress Regulations changes.

Existing Dress Regulations remain in effect with updates IN PROCESS and PENDING - with the exception of the following:

Shall be nearly groomed and conservatively styled.  The length, bulk or style of hair shall not detract from a positive appearance or preclude the proper wear of the cadet headdress.  (Bulk is the distance that the mass of hair extends from the skin, when groomed, as opposed to the length of hair.) Must be natural colour (i.e. no purple, green etc.).

Option 1: Hair shall be taper-trimmed at the back, sides, and above the ears to blend with the hair-style; be no more than 15 cm (6 in.) in length and sufficiently short that, when the hair is groomed and headdress is removed, no hair shall touch the ears or fall below the top of the eyebrows; be no more than 4 cm (1-1/2 in.) in bulk at the top of the head, gradually decreasing to blend with the taper-trimmed sides and back; and be kept free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm (1 in.) above the shirt collar. Taper trimmed square back styles and shaving of all the hair on the head are permitted. 

Option 2: Hair must be up in a bun centred at the back of the head. Accessories (hair ties, bobby-pins) should not be seen. If hair is too short and does not touch the bottom of the shirt collar, it may be worn down.  However, it must be kept neat and out of the face. 

Once the Dress Regulations have been finalized, will we communicate these new dress instructions to the cadets and post on our website.

If you have any questions about these standards, please contact CI Haripal or CI Haleem. 

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2 Squadron's 2020/2021 Interactive Electronic Yearbook
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30 Jun 21
All Cadets who did NOT attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (web app) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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16 Sep 20
All Cadets who DID attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (desktop version) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Fundraising Form (multi-entry)
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18 Oct 19
Parent drivers are requested to complete this form and submit to an SSC
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8 Oct 18
Chris Hadfield message.
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