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SPECIAL NOTICE for Cadets taking the National Online Ground School - Please note that the Qualification Exam date has changed... New deadline is Sunday 23 January 2022 at 2359 hours (PST).

Ensure you check here - the front page of our website - for any cancellations and activity updates.

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Weekly Message

Weekly Message - 19 January 2022 (8 points of information)

1.       All in-person training has been cancelled until further notice.  Watch our website for updates and upcoming opportunities.

2.       Wednesday Regular Training (19 January 2022) will take place on our virtual Microsoft Teams platform. All Cadets should make sure that they can sign on to our Squadron MS Teams (2vandenbos.onmicrosoft.com) PRIOR to this Wednesday at noon.  If you have issues, please contact helpdesk@2vandenbos.org.  We trust that you have all remembered your passwords.  As a reminder, the helpdesk will not be able to respond to messages sent after 17:00 hours on Wednesday as we are planning for Parade night. .

3.       Dress: Sports clothing including Squadron red t-shirt.
4.       Do NOT miss Training this coming Wednesday (19 January 2022), as we'll be completing our virtual Fitness Assessment. This Performance Objective (PO) is required for Cadets of *all* levels and is MANDATORY for you every year in order for you to be considered for promotion and advancement within the Program. If you've got an upcoming test/assignment, use your time management skills to ensure that you are not requiring Wednesday off due to school commitments. Also, perhaps consider alerting your teachers ahead of time (translation: *Monday night should you not have already done so last week*) that you have an upcoming mandatory one-night-only Cadet commitment this Wednesday night, so that they'll be aware that night won't be available to you for overnight homework assignments. We don't have many mandatory Training Nights, and next Wednesday, 19 January is one of them - please make arrangements accordingly! Note: You'll need a working (and more mobile) camera/webcam for Wedsnesday night's training. If we can't see you performing the exercises, we won't be able to evaluate your form, and you won't be credited with participating/completing this mandatory training PO.
5.       Watch the 4 exercise demonstration videos (Dept/Teams Pages -> Teams -> Sports, then scroll down) *before* you arrive on 19 January 2022, as there will not be time to demonstrate the 4 exercises you'll be evaluated upon on the night of the assessment. Also, know what you'll need to bring and have it prepared *ahead of the 19th*. Please also pre-arrange for a spotter (in-person parent, sibling, guardian or friend) to assist you with the 'Back Saver Sit-and-Reach' exercise portion of the evening.
6.       Get a *jump* on the New Year with 2 Squadron's Skip: the Workout Jump Rope Inter-Flight Challenge. See the details within the Challenges page of the Ready Room. Submit your number of minutes skipped every Saturday night to be included in the weekly Leaderboard on the website's front/home page. Jump for your mental and physical health, jump for your Flight, jump for individual bragging rights.
7.         COVID-19 restrictions putting a cramp in your in-person activity calendar (i.e., hockey, dance, and rock climbing sessions have all been cancelled once again now that we're back to Stage 2)? Craving some casual social time with interesting people? We've got some exciting Checkpoint sessions booked for upcoming Saturdays; go check them out on the Squadron's website activity calendar! Topics include a seasonal favourite - Ask a Senior - plus Standards (how to wear and take care of the green and blue Cadet uniforms) on 22 January, a fantastic book discussion led by AC Marcelino on 29 January, and Survival opportunities within the Cadet Training Program (aka what you really need to know in a survival situation) which will see the guest co-facilitation by retired WO2 Chahal on 5 February. Sign-up closes the night before each Checkpoint. Join us to learn, laugh, and meet new people who are likely to turn into life-long friends!

8.         Debating:  Learn how to think critically while engaging with current events while practising debating tactics. The ToastMasters will be our guest instructors for these training sessions. Interested in learning about the art of Debating? Sign up on our web calendar no later than 24 January 2022 to indicate your intent to participate.  Additional information will be provided to the Cadets who have signed up for this training. Training planned to start in February.
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Until further notice, due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases, all training will take place on our virtual Microsoft Teams training platform.

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Skipping Challenge
Skipping Challenge
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2 Squadron's 2020/2021 Interactive Electronic Yearbook
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CI Schmidt, N.
30 Jun 21
How to Wear the Poppy
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Maj Blight, C.
7 Nov 21
2021 Recruit Intake #2 - Spread the news of our incredible Squadron and Cadet Training Program by sharing this interactive PDF (complete with QR codes to videos of some of our in-person activities and clubs!) with friends, family, and other potential Recruits!
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CI Schmidt, N.
1 Nov 21
Potential Recruit and Recruit Families, please read this document to answer our FAQs about our Recruit enrolment process.
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CI Schmidt, N.
15 Nov 20
All Cadets who did NOT attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (web app) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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CI Schmidt, N.
16 Sep 20
All Cadets who DID attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (desktop version) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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CI Schmidt, N.
16 Sep 20
COVID-19 Awareness Course and Test info
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2Lt Jefferson, R.
12 Aug 20
How to access the Extranet for COVID-19 training.
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7 Aug 20
Code of Conduct for Cadets
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16 Dec 18
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Order Form
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18 Oct 19
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Fundraising Form (multi-entry)
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Parent drivers are requested to complete this form and submit to an SSC
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