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Ganaraska 2023 is going well.....

Our Recruit Training Course is now closed. We will not be accepting new members to our Squadron. Please watch our website for information about our next Recruit Intake.

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Weekly Message

Weekly Message for 1 February 2023 (8 points of information)

1.      Dress for 1 February 2023: C3 – Routine Training Dress (Winter)

2.      Weekly Routine Orders for 1 February 2023 is posted below under the Files Section.
3.      Level 3 Cadets: On 1 February, your PO 309 assessments will continue. For those presenting their 15-minute lessons, ensure that you upload your completed lesson plans in the Feb 1 folder within the Level 3 channel of Microsoft Teams no later than 1900 hours Tuesday 31 January 2023. A complete and thorough lesson plan is a requirement for your evaluation, without which you will not pass your assessment. Please also bring 2 hard copies of your lesson plan to your presentation. All Level 3's are advised to bring something to sit on as we will be in the gym for the assessments.
4.     LEVEL 4 AND 5 CADETS - Unique Joint Leadership Training Opportunity. We strongly recommend cadets interested in improving their leadership skills attend the 19 and 26 February 2023 Joint GAP Training workshop. Sign-ups for this activity closes soon.
5.     Cadets interested in attending summer training courses are to register for their courses on our MS Teams -> Summer Training -> Summer Training 2023. General information about the courses offered this summer may be found in the link provided on this document.
6.     Fast-tracking cadets should be diligent in completing and returning their Level 1 and Level 2 fast-track workbooks to their Level Liaison or CI Schmidt. Level 1 content is *past due*. As previously communicated last month, if you don't submit this material to be marked, your level and rank progression will be affected.
7.     All cadets are required to earn 4.5 hours each of community service (PO X02) and sports hours (physical fitness activities, PO X05) in order to complete their proficiency training level and to be considered for promotion at the end of the training year. See the website for upcoming opportunities to satisfy these requirements.
8.      What Is Expected in the Event of Inclement (poor) Weather? – During the winter months, there is a possibility that we will cancel our in-person training. The following will be done if the weather is considered poor (possible icing, dangerous conditions):
  • A message will be placed on the front page of our website at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled activity.
  • If in-person Regular Wednesday night training has been cancelled – We will be conducted on our Microsoft Teams platform (Username@2vandenbos.onmicrosoft.com).
  • In preparation of us reverting to our online training platform, all cadets should make sure that they can sign on to our Squadron’s MS Teams PRIOR to this Wednesday at noon.  If you have issues, please contact helpdesk@2vandenbos.org.  We trust that you all remember your passwords.  As a reminder, the helpdesk will not be able to respond to messages sent after 17:00 hours on Wednesdays.
  • Supplementary Training – possible cancellation or training online. Again, check website prior to you leaving home for a cadet activity.
Squadron Communications
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16 May 2022
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Maj Blight, C.
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1.  Top Effective Speakers

Congratulations to FCpl SuhailKhan, Sgt Landeri and FSgt Mah for placing at the Squadron’s Effective Speaking Competition.

These cadets have earned the right to represent us at the Toronto 12 February 2023  Effective Speaking Competition.

2.  Biathlon Medals
Congratulations to our Biathlon Team for their outstanding placement during the South-East Ontario Area Run-and-Shoot Competition:
  • Gold Medal – Intermediate Male Competitor – Sgt Bedford-Smith
  • Gold Medal – Open Male Team – Sgt Bedford-Smith and Sgt Fournier
  • Silver Medal – Intermediate Male Competitor – FSgt Smith
  • Silver Medal – Open Male Team – FSgt Smith and FSgt Vickery
  • Bronze Medal – Senior Male Competitor – FSgt GanesanKannan
FSgt Smith, FSgt Vickery, Sgt Bedford-Smith, Sgt Fournier, along with WO2 Marsh (support staff) have advanced to the 10-12 February 2023 Provincial Biathlon Competition in Sault Ste Marie.
Good luck at your respective competitions!

Mandatory Cadet Fitness Assessments

Every Cadet must participate in the Cadet Fitness Assessments (CFAs) every training year in order to be considered for promotion and to complete their training level/earn their training level proficiency badge.

This year, CFAs were done by Flight during Friday night Sports Night sessions 4 Nov 22 - 16 Dec 22.

The next (and final) opportunity for cadets to complete their CFA will be during a Wednesday regular training night on 3 May 23. Please SAVE THE DATE and ensure that you/your cadet(s) attend and participate in order to complete their proficiency training levels and to be considered for promotion.

Demonstration videos for all evaluated exercises (except for the 'beep test' run) should be reviewed BEFORE THE EVALUATION NIGHT. They are located on this the Sports Team page of this website: Dept / Teams --> Teams --> Sports --> scroll down to the videos section (4 videos)

Upcoming Dress Regulation changes

Updates to th Cadet Dress Regulations are pending. In that regard, CANCDTGEN 011/22 speaks to the cadet portion of Dress Regulations changes.

Existing Dress Regulations remain in effect with updates IN PROCESS and PENDING - with the exception of the following:

Shall be nearly groomed and conservatively styled.  The length, bulk or style of hair shall not detract from a positive appearance or preclude the proper wear of the cadet headdress.  (Bulk is the distance that the mass of hair extends from the skin, when groomed, as opposed to the length of hair.) Must be natural colour (i.e. no purple, green etc.).

Option 1: Hair shall be taper-trimmed at the back, sides, and above the ears to blend with the hair-style; be no more than 15 cm (6 in.) in length and sufficiently short that, when the hair is groomed and headdress is removed, no hair shall touch the ears or fall below the top of the eyebrows; be no more than 4 cm (1-1/2 in.) in bulk at the top of the head, gradually decreasing to blend with the taper-trimmed sides and back; and be kept free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm (1 in.) above the shirt collar. Taper trimmed square back styles and shaving of all the hair on the head are permitted. 

Option 2: Hair must be up in a bun centred at the back of the head. Accessories (hair ties, bobby-pins) should not be seen. If hair is too short and does not touch the bottom of the shirt collar, it may be worn down.  However, it must be kept neat and out of the face. 

Once the Dress Regulations have been finalized, will we communicate these new dress instructions to the cadets and post on our website.

If you have any questions about these standards, please contact CI Haripal or CI Haleem. 

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Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Order Form
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This will show you how to access the gallery of photos taken during our 2022 ACR.
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2 Squadron's 2020/2021 Interactive Electronic Yearbook
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2021 Recruit Intake #2 - Spread the news of our incredible Squadron and Cadet Training Program by sharing this interactive PDF (complete with QR codes to videos of some of our in-person activities and clubs!) with friends, family, and other potential Recruits!
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1 Nov 21
Potential Recruit and Recruit Families, please read this document to answer our FAQs about our Recruit enrolment process.
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15 Nov 20
All Cadets who did NOT attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (web app) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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CI Schmidt, N.
16 Sep 20
All Cadets who DID attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (desktop version) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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COVID-19 Awareness Course and Test info
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Code of Conduct for Cadets
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Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Fundraising Form (multi-entry)
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Parent drivers are requested to complete this form and submit to an SSC
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