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Weekly Message

Weekly Message for 28 October 2020 (10 points of information)

1.     Virtual Regular Wednesday Night Training - When attending the Opening Parade, only click to join the meeting running that has the current date *and* the words 'Opening Parade' in its title. 
Cadets are to report no later than 1845 hours. Cadets are reminded to return to the 'Opening Parade' Channel once classes have been dismissed in order to attend the Closing Parade.
2.     Cadets are requested to test their Microsoft Teams access.  If you are having difficulty, contact helpdesk@2vandenbos.org.  Do not wait until 1830 hours on a Regular Training night to report an issue. 

3.    This Wednesday's dress is Squadron red t-shirt.

4.   Cadets who require a new or replacement Squadron red t-shirt are to use the form on the Supply Request page.  If you have requested a new shirt and have been emailed pick-up instructions, please do so immediately. 

5.    Level 3 and 4 Cadets - This Wednesday, after Opening Parade, you are to report to the 'GENERAL' Channel for a briefing.

6.    Level 2 Quizzes - As a result of technical difficulties experienced in recent weeks, *all Level 2 Quizzes* will be reopened for an extension period of one week beginning 26 Oct (at noon) for completion. All Level 2 Cadets should take full advantage of this second-chance to complete all of the Quizzes assigned to them. Quiz completion plus lesson attendance both factor into consideration for promotion and are required for Level attainment. Should you currently have earned a failing mark because of technical difficulties/processing errors, please contact CI Schmidt (nschmidt@2vandenbos.org) with your name and rank plus the Quiz name and it will be reset by the Webmaster before the end of this 'extension week'. On 2 November, all Quizzes posted before 19 Oct will be permanently closed.

7.     Although we're continuing to integrate different applications and features within our MS Teams virtual meeting/learning/training platform, our Squadron website remains your primary source of information, opportunity, teaching point confirmation (via Quizzes on your respective Level pages), and communication of important details. Log on and check in to at least your Level and Flight pages plus the home page and the Ready Room twice per week to complete assignments and gather information.

8.    Effective Speaking activity is now open for cadets to sign-up on our web calendar.  Effective Speaking program starts 4 November 2020.

9.     We will be having a special guest from the Durham Mental Health Services on 7 November.  Cadets interested in attending this informative discussion are to sign up on our web calendar.

10.    Recruit Training - Every week our Recruits will be emailed a Weekly Message. Within the email will be a new link to each week's GoToMeeting. Recruits who have not received their link and password to the GoToMeeting are to email CI Swann at recruiting@2vandenbos.org.
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Virtual Training Nights within Microsoft (MS) Teams: Learn how to set up your MS Teams access, go to 'the Gym' for Opening Parade and transfer to your classroom following the steps outlined in the PDFs within the Files section, below.

COVID-19 Awareness Training:  All Cadets are required to complete the COVID-19 Awareness Training and test. The link to how to access the Extranet may be found in the File section below. Cadets are to print out a Certificate of Completion after completing this test and send to admin@2vandenbos.org.

Annual Validation Process:  Cadets will be prompted to complete their Annual Validation prior to gaining access to our internal website.  Once the Annual Validation has been completed; we request that the parent review the document, sign, scan (or take a photo of the document) and return to admin@2vandenbos.org

ACR 2020 video-Part 1
ACR 2020 video - Part 2
Salute to our 2020 Graduating Cadets
COVID-19 Message from the Commander and Formation Chief Warrant Officer

COVID - 19 Update

The safety and security of all who participate in our programs is always one of my top priorities. Combined with our commitment to developing in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership, it was clear to me that Canada’s Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers programs could not in good faith carry on with our planned summer activities while the rest of the Canadian Armed Forces is gearing up to assist Canadians in the face of COVID-19, and any other challenges they may face.

Therefore, that is why, I have made the decision to cancel all in-person Cadet and JCR training activities until 31 August 2020 and have directed that every Cadet and JCR have their training qualifications for this current training year marked as completed. This cancellation decision will affect local training, corps and squadron trips, cadet summer training and activities, in-person training for Cadet Instructors Cadre officers, and, in coordination with the Canadian Army, the JCR enhanced training sessions. This decision ensures the safety and security of everyone who participates in our programs and will ensure that the Cadet program, like the Canadian Armed Forces, does not become a vector to spread COVID-19.

This was not an easy decision, nor was it made in isolation. I have consulted far and wide to ensure that I am taking a measured response to the challenges that lie before us. In order to rise to that challenge, I will require Cadets, COATS members, our volunteers, and key stakeholders including League representatives, to come together - not only to bounce back, but to help improve and enhance the Cadet and JCR programs for the next generation of young Canadians when training is forecasted to resume in September 2020.

The Canadian Armed Forces have always done everything they can to support our programs, from providing medical support, instructors, and facilities which allow us to operate the summer training programs the way we do. The reality is that the Canadian Armed Forces now need to focus on the mission to protect Canadians during this pandemic. Their hard work and dedication will allow us to return stronger than ever.

Even in difficult times we are coming together in new ways. An excellent example was the Battle of Vimy Ridge virtual memorial through social media, which saw hundreds of cadets and JCRs honouring this important battle that shaped our nation. Putting a national-level effort together in this short a timeframe is just one small example of the work being done by local Commanding Officers and their staff, members of the formation and regional headquarters, and Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups to ensure that we remain focused on the Cadet and Junior Canadian Ranger experience. Thank you all for your support and contributions during these difficult times.

I encourage all of you to find new and innovative ways to stay engaged with our programs throughout this pandemic, while respecting physical distancing. I want to thank all of the Corps and Squadron staff as well for their exemplary communication effort - these are challenging times and you have clearly stepped up to the plate.

I have directed my staff to begin planning to explore innovative ways to take advantage of this pause in training to implement new and exciting solutions for today’s youth. Expect to hear more about what this may entail in the weeks to come, as I will be looking at options that will involve employment opportunities for COATS members, Staff Cadets and Civilian Instructors to help make these ideas come to life.

I understand many of you will be disappointed with today’s news. However, the safety and security not only of those involved in our programs, but of all Canadians must be our top concern. The Cadet and Junior Canadian Programs must not be a vector for the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus. I am confident in the strength and resilience of the men and women who not only support and lead this program, but also participate in it. I am extremely proud of all Cadets, Junior Canadian Rangers and adult staff of how you have been adapting to this unprecedented situation and adhering to the Government’s social distancing protocols. Our role now is to demonstrate leadership and citizenship in the face of adversity, and I know that you are all up to the challenge.
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All Cadets who did NOT attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (web app) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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CI Schmidt, N.
16 Sep 20
All Cadets who DID attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (desktop version) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
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CI Schmidt, N.
16 Sep 20
COVID-19 Awareness Course and Test info
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OCdt Jefferson, R.
12 Aug 20
How to access the Extranet for COVID-19 training.
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7 Aug 20
Code of Conduct for Cadets
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16 Dec 18
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Order Form
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18 Oct 19
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Fundraising Form (multi-entry)
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18 Oct 19
Parent drivers are requested to complete this form and submit to an SSC
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8 Oct 18
Chris Hadfield message. Click picture to start video
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