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Weekly Message

Weekly Message for 17 April 2024 (6 points of information)

1.     Dress for 17 April 2024: C5 Field Training Uniform

2.     Weekly Routine Orders for 17 April 2024 is posted below under the Files Section.
3.     Summer FTX – Due to accommodation limitations, each flight is given a specific number of Male and Female spaces. Once you go to the web calendar and you notice that there are no more spaces available; please monitor as someone may cancel, giving you a chance to sign-up. Only cadets ‘Selected’ will be permitted to attend the Field Training Exercise (FTX).

4.     Tag Day Information: 
  • Cadets will be marked Selected’ on the website if they are going to be allocated to a location.
  • Cadets will receive an email from sscchair@2vandenbos.org regarding their tagging shift the evening before with pertinent information.
  • IF the cadet does not receive and email CHECK THE WEBSITE! – An email with all information WILL be there.
  • Dress for each tag day is: C3 Routine Winter Dress with parka and black cadet issued gloves. If you have not been issued your blue dress uniform, cadets are to report in their recruit uniform and dress for the weather.
5.     Parents:  Please remember to park prior to letting your child out of your vehicle. Safety is important to all members of our Squadron.
6.     Require replacement uniform parts? First – update your measurements under the Supply Request button -> Update Measurements and save your entries. Second – Click on the New Supply Request button and select items you have outgrown. The Supply Staff will notify you when your requested uniform parts are available for pick-up. Here is how to update your measurements:
  • Click on the red ‘Supply Request’ button at the top right of website; 
  • click on the blue ‘Update Measurements’ button; a pop-up box will appear allowing you to update your measurement; and
  • once you have entered ALL your measures in, click on the ‘Save’ button.  
Squadron Communications
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16 May 2022
@ 12:18
Maj Blight, C.
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  • Bravo Sgt SuhailKhan for placing First at the Wing Ontario Provincial Committee's Effective Speaking Competition.

  • Well done FCpl Jain and FCpl C. Liu for their First place finish at our Debate Competition. Also job well done by LAC Anand for being recognized as the Top Speaker of the House.

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Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Order Form
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Lt Jefferson, R.
18 Oct 19
Instructions on how to onboard Cadet365
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Maj Blight, C.
1 Jul 22
How to Wear the Poppy
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Maj Blight, C.
7 Nov 21
2 Squadron's 2020/2021 Interactive Electronic Yearbook
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CI Schmidt, N.
30 Jun 21
All Cadets who did NOT attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (web app) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
200.7 KB
CI Schmidt, N.
16 Sep 20
All Cadets who DID attend a virtual CTC this Summer should complete these steps to set up their (desktop version) access to our Microsoft Teams virtual training platform.
259.6 KB
CI Schmidt, N.
16 Sep 20
Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Fundraising Form (multi-entry)
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Lt Jefferson, R.
18 Oct 19
Parent drivers are requested to complete this form and submit to an SSC
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Lt Jefferson, R.
8 Oct 18
Message from our Squadron's Sponsoring Committee Chair

Did you know that the majority of adults in our program all have full-time jobs? It’s true!

We do this as it is a passion, or we do this as our duty to serve – to foster the spirit of leadership and responsibility in each of your children – voluntarily!! Only the Officers are paid (by the Department of National Defense), but they max out their allotment of yearly paid time within a month of working with our very engaging program – the majority of their time is spent with us voluntarily and is invaluable to the day-to-day operation of our unit.

As a 200-Strong Cadet Squadron whose expenses are high - $500 each week lets us rent the school spaces we require! In addition to school space we provide the Squadron with several experiential learning activities, training aids, transportation, meals and activities. We depend on Parental support to continue to offer our program free of charge to all Cadets.

1.   If you have the means to make a monetary donation, tax receipts are offered for each donation over $20. Donations can be made on our website via our “Donate Now” button on the homepage or you can me email at sscchair@2vandenbos.org to discuss

2.   If you or someone you know would like to make a corporate sponsorship, I can be reached by email at sscchair@2vandenbos.org

3.   If you would like to support the Squadron by donating your time – that is precious to us! Do you have cadet or military background? Are you good with numbers and writing grants? Are you interested in supporting the fun activities and fundraisers we run? Please see me on a Parade Night or send me and email at sscchair@2vandenbos.org

Ontario Cadet Video Challenge


The Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central) Command Team is hosting a video challenge this spring and all cadets in Central Region are invited to participate.

To enter, cadets must submit a video showcasing an aspect of the Cadet Program that best represents the Cadet Program using the entry form on Microsoft Forms. Videos can be done individually or as a team. See poster under Dept / Teams Pages -> Commanding Officer Page for more information and a link to the C365 MS Entry Form.

Videos must meet the following requirements to be considered. Videos that do not meet all these requirements will be disqualified.

  • 1 minute in length or less
  • Minimum 1080p resolution
  • Filmed vertically
  • Demonstrates the Cadet experience
  • Portrays the Cadet Program accurately and appropriately
  • All cadets who appear in the video have imagery consent as indicated in Fortress
  • Does not use copyrighted audio

Videos must be viewed and approved by CO prior to submitting.

The top 3 videos per Area will be selected by the Area Office staff and will be submitted to the final round, with one video being crowned as the winner, as determined by a selection board.

The winning video will be revealed in May, and the cadet/corps/squadron will receive bragging rights and a trophy presented in person by the RCSU Command Team (if available).

But wait, there’s more! The top 3 videos will be featured on our regional Instagram account, @cadets.ont

The deadline for video submissions is 7 April 2024 at 2359 hours.

Upcoming Dress Regulation changes

Updates to the Cadet Dress Regulations are pending. In that regard, CANCDTGEN 011/22 speaks to the cadet portion of Dress Regulations changes.

Existing Dress Regulations remain in effect with updates IN PROCESS and PENDING - with the exception of the following:

Shall be nearly groomed and conservatively styled.  The length, bulk or style of hair shall not detract from a positive appearance or preclude the proper wear of the cadet headdress.  (Bulk is the distance that the mass of hair extends from the skin, when groomed, as opposed to the length of hair.) Must be natural colour (i.e. no purple, green etc.).

Option 1: Hair shall be taper-trimmed at the back, sides, and above the ears to blend with the hair-style; be no more than 15 cm (6 in.) in length and sufficiently short that, when the hair is groomed and headdress is removed, no hair shall touch the ears or fall below the top of the eyebrows; be no more than 4 cm (1-1/2 in.) in bulk at the top of the head, gradually decreasing to blend with the taper-trimmed sides and back; and be kept free from the neck to a distance of 2.5 cm (1 in.) above the shirt collar. Taper trimmed square back styles and shaving of all the hair on the head are permitted. 

Option 2: Hair must be up in a bun centred at the back of the head. Accessories (hair ties, bobby-pins) should not be seen. If hair is too short and does not touch the bottom of the shirt collar, it may be worn down.  However, it must be kept neat and out of the face. 

Once the Dress Regulations have been finalized, will we communicate these new dress instructions to the cadets and post on our website.

If you have any questions about these standards, please contact CI Haripal or CI Haleem. 

Chris Hadfield message.
more to come
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